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IXMC Institute for Experimental Ecology
by Nina Havermans

Forum Nexus
by Hallbjørn Kjellson Hognestad

Furnishing Connections
by Anna Marthea Øren

Experimental Freespace
by Sindre Buraas

Savage Garden
by Finn Robert Jensen

Campus 2.0
by Sana Khan Niazi

Gateway Arena
by Marcus Voraa

by Jens Kristoffer Bøyesen Vik

Spaces of Learning, Facilitating encountering in the post-pandemic city

What are our future social spaces/things, and how could we cultivate the meetings of otherness in the Oslo Science City (OSC) framework?

OSC is an ongoing large-scale urban development scheme, that aims to establish so-called ‘innovation district’ to the western part Oslo, where the many knowledge intensive institutions are located, and where the characteristic forest-veins (marka) enter the city. The proposed venture is used as a site and as a subject matter for our critical discourse on the role of (urban) public spaces. The general assumption within ‘innovation districts’ is that by providing meeting places and sharing platforms for various actors would enable ‘ecosystems for innovation’. The course addresses this assumption by exploring a more broad and thorough understanding of what multicultural encountering as a form of learning might mean.

Here you will find eight design commentaries as initiations for debate on the topic.

The works are by MA1 students of Design at Oslo National Academy of the Arts:
Sindre Buraas
Nina Havermans
Hallbjørn Kjellson Hognestad
Finn Robert Jensen
Sana Khan Niazi
Jens Kristoffer Bøyesen Vik
Marcus Voraa
Anna Øren

The course has been facilitated by:
Øystein Grønning
Toni Kauppila