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Video with transcript.

My name is Nina Havermans.
I am sitting here on a rock close to Gaustad in the Oslo Science City.
I spent a lot of time on this site for this project, so it seemed like a natural place to be right now.
I want to tell you a bit about where or how this project started for me.
It started with the immense impact of our material choices.
Because it seemed to me that a lot of the environmental challenges that we have today, to build and to create sustainably, greatly come from our past and present material choices.
I mean when you think about it, it’s what connects people, places and processes globally, whether it is through resources, or labour & production processes, logistics, waste streams, recycling possibilities.
There are so many interrelations coming from our material choices.
So I was thinking about the challenges that come with it, and thought ok, where do we go from here.
And I started to dream... what if... we would only have materials that are sustainable to begin with, that are sustainable by origin?
I thought that would be, that could be, the start of something really wonderful.
So, that's where I decided to start my project.
I wanted to start by making a truly sustainable material and of course figure out what that then actually means... right!
And at the same time - talking about material choices - I thought of course I have to think about the processes in which we make these material choices, so the creative process, the design process, so also my design process.
How should this look, how should this be?
And of course I didn't have the answers on what this should be like then, but I knew that I wanted to make this material.
So I decided to start there and from there practise an open mind, to play, to experiment, to discuss, and to allow for any unexpected encounters or interrelations coming from this work, to allow those to guide the process where it needs to go.

So that’s how I have been doing this project.

And for my contribution to this exhibition, I want to show you a glimpse of where that has led me.
So that is my biomaterial experiments - I will show you one that I happen to have here. This is a sample of one of my bark board panels - There are many more.
But also the ideas that came with it: thoughts about multi-species realities, about material ecology, my experiences of my resource harvesting trips, and last but least - because I really want to continue in this discourse, I want to continue this work - my project finishes with the start of the IXMC, the Institute for Experimental Material Ecology.
So more on that, and all of that, in this online exhibition. Please enjoy.
There is a Q&A section down below for commonly asked questions, also a good place to write your own question if you have.
I will answer in a day, or two!
I look forward to sharing this with you and hearing what you think.
Thank you very much and good day.

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